Colorlabs rebrands as Colorlabs & Company with new mad scientist mascot


The Colorlabs team has rebranded itself as Colorlabs & Company. Along with the rebrand came a new logo and mascot named Lemuel, both shown above.

Colorlabs & Company’s Community Manager Anita Pravitasari explained the purpose of the new look on their blog:

Our new name gives us a new identity and better reflects the products and solutions we bring to the themes market and our future positioning in the WordPress community. But it’s more than just a name change. Our rebranding to ColorLabs & Company reflects in the way we think and talk about our company and how we connect with our customers.

So, now we might have to have a mascot rematch sometime soon. I’d love to see the narratives you folks construct when mad scientists like Lemuel and Joost de Valk’s superhero are both in the running. Who’s up for more cartoon agression?

2 thoughts on “Colorlabs rebrands as Colorlabs & Company with new mad scientist mascot

  1. Hi Ryan.
    Thanks for featuring us! Really appreciate it. Hope the rebranding will goes well and everyone like Lemuel and the new logo. They also match the new upcoming changes, which are still a secret for now. All that I can tell you that we’re going to have a new coat of paint. 🙂
    Do invite us when you decided to host the mascot rematch. We’d love to participate.


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