The Colorlabs & Company office will probably make you jealous


Colorlabs & Company—previously Colorlabs Project—has posted photos of their new office, which look crazy impressive. They teased their new office back when it was still under construction, but now it’s finished and ready for warm bodies. The new office (which according to Colorlabs’ Community Manager Anita Pravitasari they refer to as “The Lab of Color”) gives the team more space, a proper conference room, and even a kitchenette.

Normally at this point I would make some crack about getting the Colorlabs folks to take part in the WordPress Workspaces series we do around here, but honestly if they did I think they might discourage all future participants from ever sending in photos of their offices. Worse than when Jason Schuller’s office photos went up.

So now the big question: just how jealous do these office photos make you this morning?

5 thoughts on “The Colorlabs & Company office will probably make you jealous

  1. I would say thats just a very small sneak peak 🙂
    Ryan, I love the WordPress Workplace series. It’s been such a long time since you posted it. Please resume it if possible 🙂

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