Colorlabs & Company develop a Backbone, their new theme framework

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The people over at Colorlabs & Company, complete with mad scientist at their hip, are kicking it up a notch. This time around they’re working on their own framework, Backbone, based off a design by Firman Firdaus. They’ve provided screenshots of a few features, and have assured us that they’re close to the first version being available. As of yet no release date has been given.

For a full list of Backbone’s features, check out the rest of the post below the jump.

Colorlabs has confirmed that Backbone will include features such as:

  • Shortcodes
  • Layout settings
  • Custom CSS
  • Thumbnail settings
  • Child theme support
  • Sidebar manager
  • Meta post manager
  • Slider settings
  • General typography
  • Post Content settings
  • Pagination settings
  • and will meet current WordPress Theme Review standards

Backbone framework gallery

Do you use frameworks when you create themes or do you build from scratch? Does it look like Backbone will bring anything to the table that you’re interested in? Tell us in the comments.

One thought on “Colorlabs & Company develop a Backbone, their new theme framework

  1. The Back-end looks more of a straight fork from WooThemes Framework than their custom made one. Did anyone from Color Labs comment on how they made their framework? Was it custom made? Forked?

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