Code Poet relaunches, expands beyond a listing service


“I’m just a huge supporter of having all these small businesses built around WordPress, whether individuals or small companies,” Pete Davies told me over the phone. “And I know there’s stuff that people struggle with everyday, and stuff you can’t help them with in the WordPress forums.”

Davies is the Premium Services Lead at Automattic, and the lead on the latest Code Poet project. He and his team have expanded from a directory of high-end WordPress consultants into a resource site for anyone building website — or “making things” — with WordPress.

The new, or rather, offers two free ebooks, interviews with WordPress professionals, and a collection of resources the team has curated that they think other Code Poets would find useful. The listings, or Code Poet Directory, can now be found at

For builders, not just developers

When other members of Automattic looked over the new Code Poet drafts, some said “Okay, but where’s all the code at?” Davies chuckled a bit as he told the story, since Automattic’s work usually includes clever bits of code here or there. The new site is “for builders, not just developers.”

In addition to original interviews (like the ones with business owners Wes Chyrchel and Jonathan Greeley and Ruth Thompson on the site now) Code Poet offers two free ebooks tackling big questions in professional WordPress circles right now: pricing and responsive design.

Above: Getting Pricing Right (left) features Mark Jaquith, Shane Pearlman, and Remkus de Vries walking through their own pricing strategies. WordPress and Responsive Design (right) tackles responsive design with Chris Coyier, Ian Stewart and Sara Cannon.

The new site is “for builders, not just developers.”

One of the more playful parts of the new site is the WordPress IQ Test, powered by Smarterer and featuring questions such as:

  • How do you deactivate a plugin?,
  • What is the default user role?, and
  • How do you delete the Uncategorized category?

Smarterer scores your answers based on their accuracy and the time it takes you to answer correctly. I ended up with a 777, just three points short of the “Master” level.

Clearly the quiz is fundamentally flawed.

Once taken, the Code Poet site will pull in the information from Smarterer and rank Code Poets based on high scores. Eternal bragging rights not necessarily included.

The future of Code Poet

“Normally [for us] there aren’t hard deadlines for much,” Davies said. “We reached out to Seattle and Austin six weeks ago and said we wanted to do this, and having a date fixed, where we had to have everything ready by, has been an interesting experience for Automattic.” Davies and Michael Pick (who also designed the new Code Poet) will be presenting at both camps today. Each will include an announcement of the new Code Poet. The talks are called “Things We Learned the Hard Way” and are partly based on the findings of the WordPress survey taken last year.

WordCamp Seattle and WordCamp Austin will be the first to hear about the new Code Poet, but it won’t be stop there. In the near future will be replacing Jetpack as the default brand representing Automattic when they sponsor WordCamps.

Aside from the specific offerings with the new Code Poet, it was clear from talking to Davies that he, and it sounded like his whole team, is very excited about the new project. He emphasized that this is just a start, and hopes to find out more about what the community would like to see as Code Poet continues to grow.

“If we get to a point where we bring in people who actually don’t event use WordPress right now, but do some website design and things like that,” Davies said, “and we can introduce them to the concepts to make WordPress work for them, then all the better.”

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  2. I attended WordCamp Austin this past weekend and the Automattic team’s presentation was the best one by far. They talked about top things people having used would have done differently if they would have known better. Things like working with clients, plugins ( and the new revisions to the Plugin codex.
    Love the revised CodePoet site. This was definitely a hole that needed to be filled!

  3. Looks like it will be a great resource, just downloaded the two books for a little weekend reading. Look forward to seeing what they produce in the future.

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