Psst… Code Poet Beta site starts making the rounds


Code Poet launched in 2009 as a simple directory of WordPress consultants, recommended and maintained by Automattic. According to a callout on the top of the site, the Code Poet facelift seems to be under development at beta.CodePoet.

Currently Code Poet exists as a list of consultants linked up according to their location. The new site introduces a fresh design and enhanced sorting, to make finding Automattic’s recommended consultants much easier. Current filters include speciality, geography, and budget.

You can check out the site to see the upcoming changes, which will likely be launching for realz before long.

Are you a Code Poet? Have you ever worked with one in the past?

2 thoughts on “Psst… Code Poet Beta site starts making the rounds

  1. I think I have tried to sign-up to Code Poet a couple of times over the last year and heard zilch in response both times.

    Maybe third time lucky if I tried again?

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