Italian blog releases CleanAdmin WordPress Dashboard skin


Alberto Ziveri and the team at the Italian blog Skimbu have released the CleanAdmin plugin, a WordPress Dashboard skin that replaces the CSS and images typically used in the WordPress Dashboard with a new skin, seen in the image above.

Ziveri’s argument for using their CleanAdmin plugin is one of preference, though they do take it a step further:

If you like nice-looking websites and you spend long time in the WordPress Administration, CleanAdmin is the perfect plugin for you. WordPress Administration design isn’t nice, it has got a stressing design. With CleanAdmin the administration become more clean and relaxing. It change only the styles of the admin area, not the layout.

The plugin is compatable with the latest 3.0.1 release of WordPress, though only Safari, Firefox, and Chrome are supported by the CSS itself. The CleanAdmin plugin can be downloaded for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

And just because I’m curious: who out there is getting stressed out working with their WordPress Dashboard?

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