Child theme support creeping into the directory


Samuel “Otto” Wood has enabled child theme previews on, effectively starting the process of enabling child themes on the theme directory. The theme directory’s theme preview now supports previewing WordPress child themes, assuming that the parent theme is present in the theme directory as well. This doesn’t mean that child themes are being accepted into the directory yet, only that the process has begun to eventually allow them.

BuddyPress child themes have been treated differently, and allowed into the directory for some time.

Child themes of WordPress theme frameworks have been all the rage for for a while now, and before long they will be allowed in the directory as well. How do you think this will effect the adoption of WordPress child themes?

3 thoughts on “Child theme support creeping into the directory

  1. This is definitely good news.

    Right now the term “Child Theme” is still pretty confusing for the average WP user (at least for many of the newcomers). So having Child Themes available to the WordPress community at large should really help speed up the process of making this term as clear as “WordPress Theme” is today.


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