Develop Plugins? There (will be) a handbook for that!


The chapter list for the upcoming Plugin developer handbook has been unveiled. Aaron Jorbin posted the current draft of the handbook overview, which includes the following five sections:

  1. Before You Code
  2. Coding Plugins
  3. Data Structures/Data Storage
  4. WP APIs
  5. After You Code

The full chapter list is too long to include here, but can be found at the WordPress development blog.

Jorbin, currently leading the Plugin handbook project, explained what the handbook is and what it isn’t.

Remember, this handbook is designed specifically for the task of Plugin development. It’s not designed to be the end all, be all guide to WordPress. It’s designed to help new plugin developers get to the point that they can build a plugin and assist existing plugin developers with finding the best practices for doing things.

The Plugin developer handbook is part of the project, where WordPress developers are focused on improving aspects of the WordPress community, rather than releasing a major update to the WordPress software. You can follow project progress using the WPCandy tag.

Volunteer authors are requested, and should comment on the developer’s blog thread if interested. You can follow Aaron Jorbin on Twitter at @aaronjorbin.

3 thoughts on “Develop Plugins? There (will be) a handbook for that!

  1. I’m looking forward to this handbook. I had to use a lot of different resources to make my first plugin, and I’m sure there are some inconsistencies with it that this handbook could help clear up.

    • I’d probably manage to put together a pretty simple plugin right now, as for add ”extra” to it I’m not sure, so from my point of view I can’t wait until the handbook is available! — I might end up coding up a storm after it, we never know? 😉

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