WordCamp Phoenix will enjoy a $200,000 wi-fi setup


Solid wi-fi is always a concern at WordCamps. It’s a concern at any tech focused event, but this weekend we’re talking WordCamp, mmkay?

WordCamp organizers are probably the only ones hoping for a consistently strong wi-fi signal more than the attendees. It’s a crucial element. While speaking with Amanda Blum of the WordCamp Phoenix organizational team this week, she told me that the city of Chandler—the area of Phoenix the events are taking place in—invested approximately $200,000 into a new wi-fi setup in order to provide the connection that the WordCamp attendees will require. WordCamp Phoenix sold out over two months ago at 650 attendees, otherwise known as over 1,000 likely wi-fi hungry devices. The new system will definitely be put to the test this weekend.

The city of Chandler spent a lot on wi-fi. It really gives a whole new meaning to the word “hospitable” doesn’t it? Hey, do you think if we hold a WordCamp at my apartment I can leverage that to improve my download speeds? It’s worth a shot.

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