Catalyst team announces their upcoming theme marketplace


The Catalyst Theme team has announced their intentions to launch a Catalyst Marketplace for their community. The marketplace isn’t ready yet, but it should be up in just under a month. The new marketplace will be a place for

The Catalyst Marketplace won’t enforce any exclusivity restrictions on those who submit themes. Founder Eric Hamm said that rather than limit where theme authors can list their themes, they want to extend as much freedom and openness to their marketplace as WordPress itself provides.

Hamm thinks that individual marketplaces for frameworks will beging to pop up more in the future:

In one form or another you’ll find each framework with at least a small batch of 3rd party Child Themes, but I think we’re now starting to see the idea catch on that centralizing their distribution adds a lot of value for all parties involved, including the community as a whole. So my guess would be yes, we very well may see more and more frameworks with their own “official” marketplaces.

In fact StudioPress launched a theme marketplace for their Genesis framework not long ago. Hamm said that the StudioPress announcement didn’t influence their decision to launch the Marketplace except to confirm that their plans were worth the effort.

What do you think of the plans for the Catalyst Marketplace? Are you excited to see more marketplaces for other theme frameworks popping up?

2 thoughts on “Catalyst team announces their upcoming theme marketplace

  1. This is good because marketplaces don’t seem to understand the child themes of every single framework very well. I’ve had a Catalyst child theme rejected by one marketplace because they didn’t like the layout… but since it was a Catalyst child theme, it had over a dozen layout options for the end user to choose from. They just didn’t like the one I chose for the demo site, I guess… This is a good thing for Catalyst devs!

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