Carrington Build theme released into the wild


Alex King, owner of Crowd Favorite, WordPress HelpCenter, and author of almost two dozen Plugins, has announced a new product: Carrington Build.

Carrington Build is a WordPress theme not unlike (but on the other hand quite a bit unlike) other WordPress frameworks. What Build brings to the table is the ability to layout page elements, with the WordPress page/post edit screen, without touching code.

Build seems like a theme that is trying hard to work a certain way rather than to look a certain way. The page layout feature stands out, even among other highly flexible CMS WordPress themes.

For those that want to pick up Carrington Build for development purposes, the developer edition is available for $499. For those who want to try it out, but who don’t have the client work to justify the developer price tag, Carrington Business is built on Build and comes it at an easier-to-swallow $150. For those interested in the functionality, but not the development work, King’s WordPress HelpCenter offers options for integrating Build into current WordPress themes.

Watch the demo videos and leave a comment telling us what you think — is this truly the next step in WordPress themes? Will you use it on your own projects?

Still have questions about Build? King has posted an FAQ over on his blog that covers a number of great questions.