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ThemeForest is the newest and hottest marketplace from the same awesome people who also created the famous PSDTuts, NetTuts, and FreelanceSwitch. ThemeForest allows people to buy and sell HTML/CSS templates, themes for WordPress and Joomla, and more. Templates and themes are going anywhere from $10 to $75, depending on the the complexity and quality the file.

Authors and Referrers

Authors receive anywhere between 25% and 50%, depending on if you agree to keep your templates exclusive to ThemeForest. Affiliates take half of a new buyers first deposit, which is one hell of a deal if you ask me! Read more about the Referral Program here.

ThemeForest File Samples

The Enterprised Blueprint by arunkurian92

The Cobalt Core Blueprint by arunkurian92

Our Community by kailoon

ThemeForest Contests

An awesome contest is being held for ThemeForest authors. Whichever author(s) has the most approved files in the Site Templates, WordPress Themes, and Joomla & Misc. Themes categories during the month of September will win $600 to spend on an Apple Cinema HD Display. For your file to count, it has to be approved during 12:01AM 01/09/2008 and 11:59PM 30/09/2008 AEST.

WPCandy is also holding a small contest. We’re giving out 5 sets of $25 to spend on ThemeForest files. All you have to do is comment on this post below, giving your opinion on ThemeForest, before Wednesday, September 10th, 2008. Of course, the more elaborate comments will be taken into account when deciding on winners. Winners will be announced on Friday, Semptember 12th, 2008.

* The winners have been selected and contacted! Thank you all for participating.

11 thoughts on “Buy & Sell WordPress Themes at ThemeForest

  1. I have been following Envato/Eden since their beginnings and I think ThemeForest could be one of their best ideas to date. I am planning on becoming a theme author, but I think it would help to purchase a couple of themes first to see how they were created, packaged and documented.

  2. Yeah, I am following for now Psdtuts, nettuts, vectortuts and flashden – I was very excited to hear this week about ThemeForest too – I think it’s great chance for web-developers to get some cash and for users – one more place to look out for premium templates and for very affordable price.

    I am hoping to win, because there are already great themes, and I am very interested in using them to get out the best, to see what technology is used, and how it is done.

    Cheers to WPcandy and their sponsors ThemeForest!

    Best luck to you both!

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  4. Here’s my take on ThemeForest:

    1. The site stays true to the forest motif with a very nice color scheme, but thankfully a bear-free environment.
    2. As I poked around, I found the navigation of the site brilliant – I love the tree chart that breaks down the site by template type (Joomla, WordPress, CSS, etc.) and category. The breadcrumbs were also a nice touch and made it easy to find my way around.
    3. I enjoyed pretty thumbnails next to each template and had to hold back from opening each template to take a closer look. I know how arduous the process is of making a screenshot and then have to crop it, resize it, etc. so you can tell they’re putting a lot of work into the site.

    I posted these thoughts and more on WordPressGarage – thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Just saw the update that I must post an opinion about ThemeForest. So here it is
    – The design is neat, just like other sites in the network. I like it. It’s easy to navigate.
    – I like the screen shot preview system
    – Affordable price, good for user. but I’m not sure about the rate for developer. I may prefer to sell by my own if I’m a developer.
    – The badge system is nice too.

  6. I’m torn. I like the idea of ThemeForest, but I don’t like the idea of spending any more money on my blog. I already pay for hosting and domain registration (which isn’t a lot). I’ll have to browse some more and see if any themes fit my very specific need.

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