Bundle up for WordCamp Edmonton, November 18 and 19


Who’s ready for a road trip to the beautiful Edmonton, Canada? Pack your sweatshirts and coats and prepare yourself for a two day WordCamp event from November 18th to the 19th.

Registration is now open for a just $40. The conference is calling all first-time bloggers, professionals, content creators, developers and designers to gather and talk all things WordPress.

For a fun intro to WordCamp Edmonton, see the video after the jump. It was created by the same nice folks who made the WPCandy intro video, since they happen to be organizing the Edmonton event.

WordCamp Edmonton is also still accepting applications to speak, so if you enjoy speaking and want to share your experiences with WordPress you should consider applying. I’m fairly certain the crowd won’t bite. Probably.

If you’d like more information head over to the Edmonton blog, or follow them on Twitter at @wordcampyeg.

3 thoughts on “Bundle up for WordCamp Edmonton, November 18 and 19

  1. Thanks for the shout out!
    We’re pretty exited about the event: the very first WordCamp in Edmonton, it was about time! The whole organizers team here is super motivated and is working hard to make it a great conference for all WordPress lovers. So watch out for the speakers and workshops announcement!

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