BuddyPress version 1.2.7 available, primarily fixes bugs

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Boone Gorges has announced the latest maintenance release to BuddyPress, version 1.2.7. The change log for this release isn’t very long, so have a look:

  • Fixed problem that prevented certain kinds of profile date from being saved.
  • Fixed issue that prevented blog comment activity items from displaying on certain setups.
  • Fixed problem that prevented group extension tabs from appearing.
  • Removed secondary blog avatars from the activity stream.
  • Fixed issue where activity dates were changed when blog posts were edited.
  • Fixed bug in the way that friend counts are returned.

Gorges, who joined the BuddyPress commit team this fall, also took some time to thank the contributors to this latest release:

The community of BuddyPress contributors continues to grow! Huge thanks and ├╝berprops go out to those who have contributed to this release cycle: andrewteg, bizybee, calvin_42, cnorris23, intimez, jond, ptahdunbar, r-a-y, swinton.

Be sure to back up your WordPress site before you upgrade, of course. And when you’re done, let us know how the latest version is treating you in the comments. Where are you using BuddyPress?