BuddyPress 1.6 will bring separate admin area for Activity


BuddyPress, the popular and free social plugin for WordPress, will be adding an activity administration screen in the upcoming 1.6 update. Right now all activity stream management is handled on the front end of BuddyPress-enabled sites, but with 1.6 it will be manageable the same way posts, comments, and other content are managed. For a closer look at what the new screens will offer, see the gallery Paul Gibbs posted to the BuddyPress development blog.

I’ve tested this out already, and can confirm that it works as promised. You can test it out too—just grab the development build of BuddyPress on Trac—though you definitely shouldn’t use it on any live sites yet.

Are you excited to see see BuddyPress management screens beginning to make the move onto the dashboard?

2 thoughts on “BuddyPress 1.6 will bring separate admin area for Activity

  1. This is fantastic news, it should all be in there; profile editing, group management. The frontend interface is really clunky, it should be completely separated (as with WordPress itself).

    All we need now is some basic user privacy features…

  2. Paul is also doing some cool stuff with his BP Labs plugin, a test ground for experimental features including a Like button which I think will be very popular if it ever makes it into BuddyPress as a core feature.

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