BuddyBoss launches gallery of 100+ sites built using BuddyPress


A couple of days ago Mike Eisenwasser announced on Twitter the launch of a new BuddyPress website directory at BuddyBoss. The gallery has collected over 130 sites (as of this writing) running on BuddyPress. Visitors to the directory can rate exiting directory items from one to five stars, or submit sites not currently listed. In short: it’s a directory of websites. Eisenwasser hopes the directory will give newcomers to BuddyPress more ideas of what the platform can do:

Many newbies to BuddyPress want to see live examples of BuddyPress sites, but up until now there has been no official directory. You can search all over the Internet, including at BuddyPress.org, and you won’t find much. We decided to create a public BuddyPress directory of sites that anyone can contribute to. We hope site owners will be motivated to submit their BuddyPress sites to the directory, and that the number of sites will grow organically over time. Users can rate the best BuddyPress sites and the cream of the crop will float to the top of the directory. Users can also leave reviews of each site.

Eisenwasser told us they spent about three weeks building out the directory. A custom post type was used for the BuddyPress sites, with the GD Star Rating and Gravity Forms plugins to power the moving parts. The large swath of sites in the listing started in a post BuddyBoss published that listed over 100 sites using BuddyPress. After the article received a good deal of circulation, the decision was made to turn it into a more robust tool for the community.

You can follow Eisenwasser about BuddyBoss on Twitter at @MikeEisenwasser, and of course follow his longer-than-140-character thoughts at BuddyBoss.

Will you use a tool like this to show off what BuddyPress can do? Will it help secure you more work, or at least interest your clients in what BuddyPress can accomplish?

4 thoughts on “BuddyBoss launches gallery of 100+ sites built using BuddyPress

  1. Would be a lot better if there is a simple sorting function which can list the sites by the ratings, popularity, comments, etc. Currently I find it to be a little tedious having to scroll through each one of them.

    • I came to the same realization while looking at the showcase gallery in BuddyPress. But it’s still it is much better currently, before there were fewer site samples compared to what’s in this new gallery. I am planing to install BuddyPress, running also the BP media plugin for members’ images administration. Waiting only for the newest updates including BBpress forum plugin which BuddyPress contains within the pack. After this happens these scripts should work in lovely harmony apparently or as they/developers said.

  2. After searching a lot for quality sites that are built using buddypress I stumbled here. I was searching for some inspiration and wanted to see how other people have made use of buddypress to build a community site. Your compilation helped me get the full data at single place. Thanks for these efforts.

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