Brian Krogsgard has launched a new WordPress blog called Tutrd


Brian Krogsgard, contributor to WPCandy for some time now, has launched a new blog of his own called Tutrd. The new sites aims to be “the go to source for web design, development and blogging basics for WordPress”. The new site is very minimal, using Krogsgard’s own Exhibit A, built on Prototype.

Regarding the site’s goals, Krogsgard explains:

We cover basic HTML, CSS, occasional PHP and JQuery, principles of blogging and certainly WordPress best practices.

Are you a WP dev that spends too much time explaining the basics to customers? Fear not. Now you can direct them here to learn everything they need to know about getting started using WordPress — whether for a blog, cms, or business application. We help people learn the right way from the very beginning.

The blog is still young, but the content is solid so far. Also check out the Tutrd WordPress search tool. It searches through only hand picked WordPress blogs and resources.

He also assures, in the introductory post, that his contributions at WPCandy won’t be stopping any time soon. And we’re glad to hear it!

8 thoughts on “Brian Krogsgard has launched a new WordPress blog called Tutrd

  1. Thanks for featuring the new site, Ryan!

    Readers can expect the order of new posts to follow the steps any of us would take creating a website when starting with nothing but an idea.

    Hopefully I’ll help some people get started on their first projects, and as the site matures I really want the target audience to be customers of WP developers, as you quoted : )

  2. Ok, I saw the site title and my mind instantly erased the middle ‘t’ in the word Tutrd. I just saw turd. Perhaps a better acronym could have been used. lol.

  3. Just a comment about the name: it scans funny and it’s hard, at first glance, to not read “Turd”. Probably not what you’re going for. *grin*

    Other than that, cool!

    • Worthy consideration, Doug. I had this concern myself. “turd ferguson” isn’t a pleasant thing to see in related google searches 🙂 Hopefully, when people go to the site, they see real quick it is pronounced “tutored”. If not, maybe I’ll have to consider a name switch someday
      Content is king, right? : /

  4. Yah, another WordPress site to add to my feed reader and bookmarks! Congrats on the new site Brian.

    Further to what Rob and Doug said: Although I know what the title means it does appear a little odd when quickly scanned. 😉

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