Brian Gardner hints at something new for StudioPress


Last week on Twitter Brian Gardner of StudioPress pinged two designers/developers who pretty regularly work with StudioPress’ Genesis theme framework. He said basically the same thing to each of them:

@BillErickson Hey – are you around on Skype right now? Want to talk about something *really* interesting.

Normally this wouldn’t raise a collective eyebrow at WPCandy. But on the same day (May 27th) Gardner commented on this very blog in response to a member of our community named Donnacha:

Donnacha, I just want to thank you for this comment. You’ll know why at some point in the relatively near future, but in the meantime wanted to say how much I appreciate you leaving this.

You can read Donnacha’s in full to put Gardner’s comment in perspective, but the part we believe is most relevant here is when Donnacha said:

There was a stage, last year, when the Genesis framework by StudioPress seemed to be well-ahead of the pack but I think they dropped the ball when they cancelled plans to launch a Genesis-based marketplace for third-party designers – obviously, StudioPress had a lot of other things going on, other projects that needed those resources, but I suspect, in the longterm, that establishing their framework as the standard is an opportunity they will regret not grabbing when they had the chance.

It seems StudioPress has something up their sleeve, and coming relatively soon. If we’re correct in pulling out this piece of Donnacha’s comment, it would seem Gardner was speaking about a future Genesis child theme marketplace.

What do you think? Does StudioPress have something like this up their sleeve or around the corner (depending on the metaphor you prefer)? Are we picking up the right thread here, or do they have something else planned? Drop your predictions in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Brian Gardner hints at something new for StudioPress

  1. Genesis itself has obviously developed into a great brand with an awesome following, probably only natural that they extend the momentum for that product. @bradleypotter where you at?

  2. i see quite a few genesis child themes for sale both on themeforest and themegarden, hopefully studiopress will jump on this.

  3. Genesis is a great framework and I know Brian has actively encouraged new entrants into the theme development game to align themselves with one of the prominent frameworks – and naturally I’m sure he would be hoping that would be Genesis 🙂

    I think a Genesis theme marketplace HAS to now be only a matter of time. It makes logical sense. I think theme developers selling directly to customers either via Themeforest or their own sites are still reluctant to leverage a framework as they lose some control over their end product to customers. Whereas web shops building sites for clients – then a framework is a no brainer.


  4. I think a theme market place by Studio Press could be a brilliant move.

    Studio Press is very developer friendly. I could see a lot of developers jumping on this—myself included.

    From Studio Press’s perspective it would put the ball in their court when it comes to the Genesis frame work. What I mean is that if a third party market place is selling their themes, there is more of a chance that the customer is going to also get the frame work else ware. I imagine that they will also take some percentage of the sale similar to the other market places.

    This could also give consumers a whole world of new options. Studio Press in my opinion is somewhat slow to release new themes, but with a whole world of developers to contribute I could see Studio Press getting pretty huge.

    The combination of the Genesis theme and a Child Theme is a powerful cocktail, and the Child Themes that are currently offered are just the tip on the iceberg.

  5. A marketplace would be great. They could let buyers purchase Genesis bundled with a third party child theme or just the child theme like they do on StudioPress. One payment. Right now if someone finds a third party child theme and they don’t already own Genesis they have to make two transactions on two sites. That’s a turn off and means some lost sales. A marketplace would be very convenient for many reasons.

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