BraveNewCode release Piggy, a mobile web app for tracking WP E-Commerce sales


BraveNewCode have recently released a new WordPress plugin called Piggy. Piggy is a plugin that works in conjunction with WP E-Commerce, a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, to display your sales information on iOS and Android devices. Piggy provides a web app that will work on both iOS and Android devices, and will allow you to track your sales and even receive push notifications when new sales are made. Piggy also provides sales forecasting, based on your past e-commerce sales.

Piggy is available from BraveNewCode for $39, and installs to your site just like any other WordPress plugin. Installing the app to your iPhone or Android is as simple as saving the website to your home screen, as they show in their demo video (embedded below). It appears Piggy works with WP E-Commerce 3.7 and higher.

BraveNewCode are the folks behind the popular WPtouch Pro, a mobile WordPress theme. Does anyone have experience with BraveNewCode’s products? If so, share your experiences for others to see in the comments.

Also check out their demo video, just after the jump.

This new web app seems pretty slick. We may need to update our must-have WordPress iPhone/iPad apps list.

4 thoughts on “BraveNewCode release Piggy, a mobile web app for tracking WP E-Commerce sales

  1. I’ve had lots of experience with WP Touch Pro and Brave New Code. Their developer support is awesome with emailed code snippets access to beta releases with fixes.

    They also provided me with direct access to their test version of Piggy and it’s a solid product for stores. I’ll be getting all of my clients on it.

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