Boing Boing boings over to the WordPress side of the fence

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Boing Boing, the grab bag blog for all things nerdy interesting, has made the move from MovableType to WordPress. The switch seems to have been only under the surface, with the overall design of the site staying the same. The move also included fresh hardware and their commenting system was switched to Disqus as well.

The migration project was lead by Boing Boing’s lead developer Dean Putney, who was clearly very excited about Boing Boing switching to WordPress:

Putney has stated that he will likely write up a post detailing the project when all the bugs are worked out. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know when that happens.

What’s the last big other-to-WordPress site migration you performed? Was it worthy of detailing in a blog post—or at least in a comment below? Share with us!