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Blogalized is a site that provides well-designed WordPress themes for low prices. They also have a Blog Club for members who are in need of a lot of themes. With the BlogClub, you’ll initially start off with 6 themes and receive another 11 themes (1 a month), for a total for 17 themes. That’s not bad at all for only $49.95. Of course, as an alternative, you can purchase themes separately at the price of $14.00 per theme.

Lucid WordPress Theme by Blogalized

Blogalized Blog Club Theme Features

  • Top Notch Support
  • Plugin-ready
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • 100% Valid XHTML/CSS
  • Cross-browser compatible

To put it simple, Blogalized is an affordable place to purchase themes to freshen up your site. With that being said, Blogalized has provided WPCandy with a coupon for our readers, which is you guys. For the first 25 users to sign up with the coupon code “wpcandy”, you’ll receive 50% off the Blog Club membership fee. The coupon expires on June 25th, so make sure to take advantage of this incredible deal.

8 thoughts on “Blogalized Blog Club

  1. I feel this is just another bulls*** attempt to earn easy money, just like Small Potato did, and went on a long damn vacation. Blogalized is a new site and has a PG 0. Its not even cached by Google. Why do we need to join a club, when you can get quality themes for free if you do a little searching, and people must be nuts, the ones who change their themes daily!!!

  2. This is nothing like Small Potato, he charged 5.00 for this themes.
    Yes, this is a great way for a small designer to make money and build up their business, there is nothing wrong with that.

  3. @James I wouldn’t compare this to Small Potato’s theme club. His club was never completed because of Pawel. Just because Blogalized is a new site and has a PR 0, it doesn’t mean they don’t have good products.

  4. @Mike Thanks for writing an article about us much appreciated and the new wpcandy design looks great.

    @James Thanks for your feedback allthough most of what you said is incorrect does infact have a pr4. I recently converted the site from static html to php which is why index.php shows no PR. This is also why you may not have found a cache for the index.php. Try checking ``

    I appreciate your concerns over what happened with wpdesigner and can assure you this is not going to happen with blogalized.

    Taking advantage of the wpcandy coupon works out at less than $1.50 per theme. Even at full price it works out at less than $3.00 per theme over the course of a blogclub subscription.

    By charging a small fee for our themes we can keep releasing high quality themes every month aswell as provide great support to boot.

  5. This is pretty cool, and I am loving the design of their site.

    Also, I don’t think I got a chance to say this to you last week – WP Candy is looking fantastic!

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