Biznizz is in your Dashboard, for shizzle

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WooThemes has added another theme to its business category, which they say is their most popular category of themes. Biznizz features a giant featured slider on the home page. Adii Pienaar, WooThemes CEO, even compared the new Biznizz theme to their own WooThemes site design, at least partially:

Biznizz – as mentioned above – is incredibly similar in layout & flow to our own site and we think that if you wanted to replicate what we were doing on here, Biznizz would be a great option for you. We’re not suggesting copying us (or anyone else), but a winning recipe stays a winning recipe… :)

Along with the launch, the coupon code 11BIZNIZZ will save you 11% if/when you purchase the theme.

Do you think a theme like WooThemes’ can be duplicated in a theme? Or, how much can WordPress themes do to create unique websites?

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