BioThemes not successful enough, officially closes doors


BioThemes was a theme shop launched by John O’Nolan and Gilbert Pellegrom in February of this year. O’Nolan and Pellegrom have decided to close BioThemes down due to tough competition in the WordPress theme market.

O’Nolan said the BioThemes experiment was very successful and generated a number of sales. But in the end, he said, it wasn’t successful enough to allow the duo to make the time needed for further development. O’Nolan said they will continue to support existing BioThemes customers via email, but they are halting further development and sales.

O’Nolan explained to WPCandy that he and Pellegrom decided to close BioThemes’ doors so each of them could focus on other things:

Essentially Gilbert’s focus has moved back to Nivo Slider, which just relaunched and is doing massively well in sales. Whereas my focus has been torn back to client work and I’m about to take off around the world

BioThemes was always an experiment with a single beta theme – in the end we realised we couldn’t keep up with the competition. Others have the same ideas as us, but they have the resources to make those ideas come to fruition very quickly

Pellegrom is the developer behind the popular Nivo Slider. O’Nolan is a user interface designer who has contributed to the WordPress UI group (and made a snazzy UI Labs plugin that I’m fond of), and he detailed his plans to travel in a blog post last month.

What do you think of BioThemes’ short lifespan? Would you take the risk in starting up a theme shop with the other already established competition in the market?

7 thoughts on “BioThemes not successful enough, officially closes doors

  1. I actually bought the only theme from Bio Themes. Whilst the support was truly excellent, the theme wasn’t great to work on. It taught me that as far as frameworks go, I should stick to the established outfits like WooThemes, for example.

  2. What a shame, I really felt they were on to something. Their ShowOff theme showed a lot of promise (pun not intended). Now here’s an example of a fork that could happen without much conflict, he he.

    Though, best case scenario, I think they should transfer their theme & customer base all together to a live and well theme shop. I paid for a product and service fully aware of the risks of being an early adopter, but I think they have a chance here to do right by their customers by making a deal with someone who can commit themselves fully to the ShowOff theme and the support thereof.

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  4. Indeed, there is tough competition and the market is saturated. But if you put hard work in it and add completely new features to your product, no one has, then there is no problem to be successful with your WordPress Framework / Premium Themes. We are releasing a new version of our WordPress Framework Xtreme One this week. You can see a preview of some of our features in our videos here:

    @Paul, you might wanna try out Xtreme One, I’m sure you won’t regret it. It has a vast amount of features. See the videos on the link above.

  5. I hate to hear about a theme shop closing its doors. It sounds like those guys are very talented and I can personally vouch for the work on Nivo Slider as being very solid. Good luck to them moving forward.

    I look forward to some day trying my hand at my own theme shop. This doesn’t scare me at all, but it does heighten my respect for what theme developers do.

  6. So apart from the obvious (saturated market etc..), what else would you say collaborated to ‘BioThemes’ downfall?

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