BioThemes beta launches with the ShowOff WordPress theme

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BioThemes is a brand new commercial theme shop that just launched with a debut creative theme, ShowOff. John O’Nolan and Gilbert Pellegrom, the founders of BioThemes, began development in November 2009 and have spent a little more than a year developing their first product.

O’Nolan and Pellegrom are not strangers to exceptional products. John O’Nolan is a member of the Core WordPress UI team and is responsible for much of the sprucing up of the admin in WordPress 3.1. Gilbert Pellegrom is the creator of the uber-popular Nivo Slider, an incredibly flexible jQuery based feature slider.

John describes the roadmap for BioThemes in the inaugural blog post:

For want of a better description; we’re not just building themes, we’re building applications. We aren’t interested in making more premium blog templates – there are plenty of other companies who already do that better than we ever will. We’re interested in exploring what sort of platforms we can build on top of WordPress itself.

ShowOff theme by BioThemes

ShowOff theme

BioThemes is calling their first theme one for creatives. ShowOff is essentially a portfolio theme, but there are three templates for different project types, and the blog is considered an extension of the theme rather than the focus. They describe a little more about who they envision will benefit from ShowOff:

People who don’t know anything about web design and people who don’t care. People who have a portfolio and who want to get their work online quickly and easily. Think of ShowOff like the next step up when you’re ready to graduate from a portfolio hosted on a site like CarbonMade.

Because BioThemes, and ShowOff, are in early beta, they are releasing the theme for $35, rather than the eventual $55 it will cost. The purchase of ShowOff includes updates through version 2.0 (they are calling the beta 0.5) and they say they intend to do a great deal of iterative development for ShowOff and all of their future themes:

We don’t do duplicates. Our first theme, ShowOff, is the only portfolio theme we’ll ever release. We’re only going to release a couple of themes a year because the rest of the time we’re going to focus on developing and updating our existing products. We’re all about quality, not quantity.

You can follow BioThemes on Twitter, and check them out further on the newly launched site. So, who’s excited about BioThemes?