Bill Erickson introduces a CRM child theme for TwentyTen


TwentyTen CRM

Bill Erickson has released a child theme for TwentyTen in the form of a CRM. For those that don’t know what a CRM is, it’s a Customer Relationship Management tool. It is designed to help you collect important information regarding potential and current clients. Although not a fully fledged project management system, it’s a great tool for those who wish to gather information about clients.

Once installed you’re almost ready to go. It requires you to add a couple of categories, and he recommends either running it locally or using a registered users only plugin, but not a lot is needed to get your first client added to your shiny new CRM.

Included with the theme are two page templates: dashboard and download. The dashboard template can be set as your home page which splits the theme in three columns: Prospects, Active Projects and a nice little stats section to give you an idea of where you are getting the most prospects from. The download page creates a table that can be copied and pasted into excel if you’re a spreadsheet nut.

TwentyTen CRM Download Page

TwentyTen CRM Download Page

One of the great features of this theme is that if you’re a WordPress geek and want to customise the code it’s really simple. So if the theme doesn’t offer everything that you need you can simply add it yourself. Documentation on which lines of code to edit is available on Bill’s website, including how to remove the post editor if it’s getting in your way.

So if your current CRM is driving you mad or you’re new to the concept, TwentyTen CRM is well worth looking at.

Oh and by the way, did I mention it’s free!

6 thoughts on “Bill Erickson introduces a CRM child theme for TwentyTen

  1. yet another example of the wonderful innovation happening with WordPress in 2011. When people ask me if WordPress is just for blogs I now have another reference point to show ’em just what it can do! Well done Bill!

  2. You’re definitely right, given the last couple of years WordPress has become so versatile and if someone can argue the point that WordPress is JUST a blog platform I think it would be very hard to prove.

  3. Thanks for highlighting my theme! I just wanted to mention that Jared Atchinson and Andrew Norcross have been working on this theme with me and we’re getting ready to release a big update in the next day or so.

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