“Big Boys” On WordPress


There are tons of people using WordPress. And I mean tons. Just alone this month, over 8,811 WordPress.com users have signed up and over 8,648 WordPress.com blogs have been created. That’s not even counting self-hosted WordPress blogs/sites!

The majority of people using WordPress, are using it as a blog, but there are also a lot of other sites using WordPress for marketplaces, galleries, portfolios, and even contest systems.

Among the tons of WordPress powered sites, there are quite a few “big boys” who also use WordPress.

Big Companies

Yahoo’s corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, is powered by WordPress 2.3.2.

Southwest Airlines’ blog for employees and customers, Nuts about Southwest, is powered by WordPress 2.3.2.

PlayStation’s blog for the latest PlayStation news, PlayStation.Blog, is powered by WordPress.


Meebo’s blog for news and updates related to Meebo, meeblog, is powered by WordPress 2.2.3.

Flickr’s blog on photography is powered by WordPress.

Media Publishers

Rolling Stone’s blog for music news and gossip, Rock and Roll Day, is powered by WordPress 2.0.2.

CNN’s blog on the latest political news, Political Ticker, is powered by WordPress.

The New York Times publishes over 50 WordPress powered blogs on subjects from traveling to soccer to television.

This is just a sample of some “big boys” on WordPress. There are probably a kagillion others that I don’t even know about! Oh and if you’re curious to know more WordPress.com stats, click here or more “big boys” using WordPress, click here.

66 thoughts on ““Big Boys” On WordPress

  1. @Michael: No problem! And that’s a very good use of this list.

    I think the reason big companies and big clients look down on WordPress is because it’s free and open source.

  2. Great list here. Definitely is some great leverage when discussing the CMS of choice with clients. Thanks for the list and also, thanks Darren for the link. Both pages are bookmarked for future client reference.

  3. @Michael Castilla: I tried to use Mu, but couldn’t put up with it. I prefer to have a lot of different WP installations rather than just one that doesn’t work as good as expected.

  4. What I really find interesting is the non-blogs that are being powered by wordpress. The most interesting in my opinion are the flash sites that use wordpress to pass data flash either with php or through rss. Using wordpress in this manner can be a really economical way to develop Flash advanced flash websites without needed to develop a back end system as well.

  5. few seconds on WordPress Modder I found a very useful tutorail for adding an Amazon Associates Store to a WordPress blog which I will put to use immediately on a couple

  6. I had a hell of time convincing our consultant that anything that’s not PAID FOR could possibly be any good for a serious, corporate blog. I never realize how stuck some IT guys are in the open source world.

  7. Thanks for the impressive list. Maybe this’ll prove to the rest of corporate America that open source is the way to go… but there’s still a long way we can come on that.

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  10. I was told by some other developers that wordpress was a useless platform to use and no one of any important relied on it. They had no recommendations by the way which i find interesting. Helpful to show that big boys are indeed using it. Why wouldn’t they, its great!

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  12. Nice list! Its amazing what some designers can do with wordpress. On some blogs you can’t even tell WP is being used. Great platform!

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