Go behind the scenes of WPCandy on the Freelance Jam podcast



Our illustrious Editor in Chief, Ryan Imel, was recently the featured guest on the Freelance Jam podcast. Ryan talks about WPCandy, what it is, what’s in store, and what goes on behind the scenes. Or at least I think. I’m watching it while I write this, as it was just posted on the Freelance Jam website.

Freelance Jam is a podcast about freelancing, in case you couldn’t tell, and its hosts Brian Casel and Dave Yankowiak are both big fans of WordPress. Ryan probably wouldn’t normally give away too many secrets, but I know many of you will be interested in how he’s created this little WordPress hub we all love, and this is your chance.

You can watch the episode below, or jump over to their site, and even subscribe to the podcast on iTunes like I do, just because other episodes rock too.

3 thoughts on “Go behind the scenes of WPCandy on the Freelance Jam podcast

  1. I’m just still impressed with that haircut. Looking like such a professional. Also, now I’ve had time to watch the whole thing, thanks for the shout out : ) I’m a happy little volunteer, and it is indeed crazy to have a job doing this stuff now.. How long a year ago seems!

  2. Great interview I thought, always exciting to hear about things I didn’t know about, even writing here for WPCandy; always amazes me to hear what Ryan has in the pipeline, even if he doesn’t go giving much away! 😀

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