bbPress Release Candidate delayed for more beta feedback


The bbPress plugin is currently in a public beta (its third). The next release of bbPress, most likely to be a Release Candidate, is being delayed in order to pull in more user feedback on the current working version. Specifically, project lead John James Jacoby is looking for feedback on a few key features of the plugin:

  • Page templates (naming, approach, etc.)
  • Multisite user behavior
  • Search behavior
  • Plugin settings

You folks are great at leaving feedback and sharing your thoughts, so why not go join in on the fun in this thread on Many of you have given the new bbPress plugin a go since its beta release, and even many-er of you have participated in some basic end-user testing by joining in on the WPCandy forum (running bbPress, of course).

The new bbPress plugin, by the way, has now been downloaded over 16,000 times. Are you one of those? If you have a public instance of bbPress running on one of your sites, drop it in the comments so we can see it.

3 thoughts on “bbPress Release Candidate delayed for more beta feedback

    • @Pim: What version of Buddypress are you running? 1.2.9 or SVN?

      How are you integrating the new BBPress into Buddypress?

  1. Hey Frank,

    I’m using 1.29 and I disabled the bbPress component of Buddypress and just installed the plugin, so they run side by side.

    There’s still some bugs here and there, but so far so good.


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