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John James Jacoby spoke out on Twitter and straight into our hearts and said that “[t]he bbPress plugin is fast approaching release. Be an early adopter and help me test it. Yeah, you. :).”ย We can all take bets on when “fast approaching release” means, but there’s one thing that isn’t debatable: throwing your hat in the ring and helping with development and testing now will speed up the plugin’s release.

The bbPress plugin has been in development for some time now, with Jacoby taking the reigns in recent months and dominating it, with big help from student and Google Code-in winnerย Gautam Gupta.

You can follow Jacoby on Twitter, and help out with bbPress development via the blog and via trac (you can download the plugin it is current state here). Now I have to wonder: which of you will be the first ones to fire up a forum using the new bbPress plugin when it’s released?

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  1. I am currently integrating bbPress plugin support into my xScape Theme Framework, and all my themes will support it soon. Right now, only major thing missing in bbPress plugin is conversion tool that will be able to import data from old standalone bbPress plugin. Since I am using bbPress on Dev4Press, I would like to switch to plugin version once this converted/importer is done.

    In any case, so far, bbPress plugin looks great and I had no major problems with it. Hopefully, final version will be released soon.

  2. This is going to be big. It sucks not having a solid answer when clients ask “what should I use to deploy a forum on my WP site”. Soon I will have a confident answer ๐Ÿ˜€

    • It will be a while until we see bbPress with all the advanced forum features to replace powerful solutions like phpBB, but good thing with this plugin solution is that many developers will support it with additional plugins to expand it’s core features. I like that current bbPress plugin is not too complicated, and that will make it easier to expand.

    • Couldn’t agreed more. I’ve used SimplePress to deploy a forum in WordPress and it worked like a charm. I even added some custom code to share the user created by Facebook Connect in WordPress so that you could login into the forum using your Facebook credentials.

      That said, it will be really great to have bbPress as a tighly integrated solution into WordPress. Kudos to John and Gautam!

    • Yeah, but its using own themes, and its very hard to blend into most WP themes, and I tried few times. bbPress on the other hand uses normal theme templates and all the data is stored as post types and taxonomies, making it very easy to handle. I managed to convert its default example theme templates based on 2010 WP theme in just couple of hours. bPress is WordPress approach to forum, and nothing beats that.

    • I remember looking pretty closely at the few forum alternatives about a year ago, and the only “real” choices were the typical VBulletin ($200?) type of software, or SimplePress. After I started working with SimplePress I realized its AWESOME functionality and features, as well as the tight integration with WordPress login/users, etc.. Sorry, but nothing else comes close.

      Go to this site It’s running WP with Thesis framework and SimplePress forums. There was 10 minutes time to install SimplePress, and 1-2 hours max. CSS styling.

  3. …”straight into our hearts…” <–love that Ryan, well said.

    I've been a proponent of Simple:Press for several years, but like Milan said, it's so difficult to theme compared to what bbPress is becoming (again). It has SO many features that it's very powerful and filles the needs for a lot of people, but that's also a negative for me…as Nacin said on dev day regarding the balance of feature sets with software at WC Phoenix…"too many options".

    Like many of you, I've been around the WP block for many years, and after talking personally with JJJ briefly about the future of bbPress, it's clear to me that he is very talented and committed to a solid plugin that will be extensible and elegant.

    In other words, I'm REALLY excited about the continued releases;)

    • bbPress plugin is already working really well, I had no big problems creating templates for my framework, and its a good thing to use same approach as with WordPress: use plugins for advanced features. For most users basic set of features in bbPress plugin will be enough, again, other plugins will be able to expand that. Creating themes that are compatible with bbPress is also easy.

      So far, great job on the work done on bbPress, excellent plugin.

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  5. Yeah..
    I’ve been playing around with bbPress plugin for quite some time now, and its *super awesome*, well documented for developers to make everything easy! I’ve already developed a plugin (bbP Signature) for bbPress and is available in the WordPress repo.

    Good work John and Gauti. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. We can’t wait to use it on the GetShopped site. Its going to be one awesome case study given how big it is.

    Also once again – does anybody want to collaborate on building a new bbPress Support Plugin:

    Oh and we’re also integrating the new WP e-Commerce Members Access Plugin with bbPress so that people can charge people to access premium forums and threads. It’ll be smoking ๐Ÿ™‚

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