bbPress plugin beta 2 is in the wild


bbPress project lead John James Jacoby announced beta 2 of the bbPress plugin this afternoon. This comes just six days after the first beta release, and shows the development has picked up speed and is moving right along.

The update brings GlotPress integration, improves breadcrumbs and template flexibility, and fixes a number of general bugs that were reported by those using bbPress beta 1.

Jacoby was excited to share the news of quick development this week, and shared the plans for future development:

The plan is to keep releasing Beta’s as changes go in, put out release candidates in the next few weeks, and release bbPress 2.0 by the end of June (in tandem with WordPress 3.2.) The more you help us polish the new paint during the beta period means a shinier and longer lasting 2.0, and the more likely we are to stay on schedule and hit our release goals.

If you haven’t already, grab the (relatively) new bbPress plugin from the WordPress directory. If you’re already running it, just hit update from your dashboard and continue testing happily.

Who’s using it already? Any sites running bbPress-plugin-driven forums to show off yet? I’d say at this point, anyone wanting a forum, using WordPress, is running out of reasons to not be running bbPress. Would you agree?

8 thoughts on “bbPress plugin beta 2 is in the wild

  1. i’m relaunching devpress. a part of it is a new design and switching from justin tadlock’s message board plugin to bbpress. view it at it’s a fresh install with no customizations.

  2. bbPress 2.0 still has some minor bugs, but overall, works great. Import from old bbPress works as expected. I have finished integrating bbPress support into my xScape Theme Framework, and all themes based on it will get it. I even added some additional layouts for forums lists, topic display and some other things. New bbPress enhanced framewor should be launched in the next couple of days.

  3. I think whether or not people use this plugin depends entirely on what sort of forum functionality they want.

    • What gave you that idea? Definitely not true. Check out the Theme Compatibility sticky topic over at for details on how it works with almost any existing WordPress theme.

  4. Our wonderful plugin that I did not know!
    I just downloaded and installed, and already tested!
    He is very good, and to help even more would like to describe some improvements that I just think!

    1 – It would be interesting to add it to a special shortcode that can be called in a page!

    2 – The login widget would be interesting to also include the option to register!

    The improvements would be those who give so far!

    I’m testing it here and I quite describe these improvements in the same post in the plugin bbpress!

    Thanks for plugin

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