bbPress plugin beta 1 is now available on Extend


The bbPress plugin beta 1 is now available on the WordPress plugin directory. John James Jacoby tagged the beta release just this morning, which means you can grab it really easily, and help test to improve it for a full release.

The plugin bumps bbPress up to version 2.0, to help separate it from its standalone version. If you’re curious about how the new plugin works, you can bet we’ll have further walkthroughs and tutorials showing how to use it soon.

Congrats to John and the rest of the bbPress contributors, this is a big step forward!

If you’ve been tracking the development of the bbPress plugin, are you excited to see it in the plugin directory now? Will this make you more likely to help test out bbPress and contribute where you can?

10 thoughts on “bbPress plugin beta 1 is now available on Extend

  1. Great job so far! I am finishing integration into my xScape Theme Framework, but several of framework users are asking about importing data from old bbPress into new format used by the plugin version. Will the import/convert tool be done for the final release of bbPress 2.0?

  2. What happens if we used plugin for bbPress like “support forums” ?
    Is it always possible (or it will be possible) to use it with bbPress plugin ?

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