bbPress plugin alpha on the way shortly, will be prime for testing


Word from the bbPress end of the internet is that a public alpha of the in-development bbPress plugin will be available very soon. Just yesterday on their forum, bbPress lead developer John James Jacoby  said “Going to be cleaning up the trac tickets for the plugin over this weekend and uploading a 2.0-alpha-1 to the plugin repository in the next few days.”

Anyone else excited?

In full, Jacoby said:

Going to be cleaning up the trac tickets for the plugin over this weekend and uploading a 2.0-alpha-1 to the plugin repository in the next few days. This should make downloading, installing, and updating the plugin easier for everyone now that it’s ready for more testing.

The original alphas won’t include Gautam and Nightgunner5’s converter, but I’ll spend some time with it before launch and see about fitting it into core.

Getting close!

The reference to “Gautam and Nightgunner5’s converter” means that the bbPress standalone to bbPress plugin converter won’t be included in the soon-to-be-released alpha plugin.

For those new to this project, bbPress is the name for a standalone forum software project that was started in 2004 by Matt Mullenweg. Recent bbPress activity has been focused on creating a WordPress plugin version of bbPress to make integrating bbPress forums into WordPress sites easier. bbPress still runs the support forums, and is fully functional as a standalone forum solution.

If you’re excited for bbPress then you can be ready to help test right away by watching the plugin page for the download link. You can also follow development and, if you’re willing, offer a hand of support on the bbPress trac.

If you’ve tested the current bbPress plugin share your thoughts in the comments.

8 thoughts on “bbPress plugin alpha on the way shortly, will be prime for testing

  1. Definitely looking forward to this plugin. I’ve been messing with Vanilla forums and would rather work something integrated with WordPress.

  2. Yep, it’s been a long wait, but after spending some face time with JJJ at WordCamp Phoenix, I’m confident that the new bbPress will be the defacto WordPress forum software for many more people in the future!

  3. I realise there are two plug-ins which broadly do a similar thing: BuddyPress and BBPress, so it causes a lot of confusion with the people I’ve spoken to. Are these two projects going to merge or what? I know there was talk a while back about this but I’ve seen little development from either side.
    I currently run a BuddyPress site for a project I maintain but in some aspects BBPress could be a better option but it’d be an absolute nightmare to transition the to BBPress.

    The other problem is that the perception of either BuddyPress or BBPress is it’s positively glacial in comparison to other community based projects, let alone the fast dev cycle of WP. It gives the impression that it’s the stepson project that no-one wants to do.

    • BuddyPress and bbPress do have distinct and separate goals: the former to be a social network in a box, the latter to be a forum plugin. Granted, BuddyPress currently relies on a version of bbPress to run its various forum capabilities. I’m sure that will evolve a bit once the bbPress plugin is finalized.

      As far as the speed of those projects: I’m sure they would love a volunteer to help! BuddyPress is still a relatively new project, and so it can hardly be compared to WordPress, which has gained critical mass over the last 5 or 6 years. bbPress is in a similar boat, actually, because it was primarily left on its own for a couple of years, despite its launch in 2004.

      BuddyPress and bbPress each have the unique position of being plugin projects Officially BlessedTM by the WordPress project. They have plenty of attention, but aren’t necessarily going to develop and move along any faster than other WordPress plugins might. The best way to see things happen faster is to jump in yourself (and I’m talking to myself here, too. I need to help with these projects more than I do now.).

  4. Oh man! Been waiting for this for ages – I can’t wait to use the bbPress Plugin on GetShopped… maintaining the old bbPress software has been a thorn in our side for way too long.

    Ahhhh all the possibilities!!

    If the old bbPress Support Forum Plugin isnt retrofitted or recreated for the bbPress Plugin I would be keen to look at commissioning the project… if you’re keen then leave me your email address 🙂

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