Attention forum lovers: bbPress 2.0 final is now available


Early this morning John James Jacoby announced the availability of the final version of the bbPress plugin, lovingly known as bbPress 2.0. The plugin is available on the Plugin Directory, and is the collective work of over thirty code contributors. Just don’t forget to give the plugin a fair rating after you try it out.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock, or perhaps forgotten just what makes bbPress cool, listen to Jacoby break it down:

Simply by activating bbPress 2.0, any standard WordPress theme is suddenly capable of having support forums, user profiles, topic tags, and custom topic views. Your users are able to mark topics as favorites to read them later, and can subscribe to be notified via email to topic replies, so they never miss out on the conversation.

The final release includes Akismet and BuddyPress support built-in, and will support either one right out of the box.

Be sure to visit the bbPress 2.0 launch post to see the full list of props for the final release, which I’m proud to say includes a handful of WPCandy contributors. If you’d like to reminisce a bit, check out the bbPress tag we maintain to see how far the project has come in the last year.

Now that bbPress is out you really have no excuse not to give it a run. Once you’ve given it a try, stop by in the comments below and share your experience.

2 thoughts on “Attention forum lovers: bbPress 2.0 final is now available

  1. I personally love it. After all the other forums I’ve tried, this was what I wanted. Easy to use, lightweight, no bloat, etc. I’ve restarted my forums probably 8 times over the past 4 years after getting sick of all the problems I’ve had with other standalone and plugin options. I’ve got bbPress on VoodooPress, and I’m sticking with this one, exactly the solution I was looking for!

  2. Absolutely fantastic news! Quite excited to start playing around with bbpress again when I have some time. I wonder when their ‘crack team of documentators’ will ever be finished slaving away though… 😉

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