BackupBuddy sees big update to version 2.0, used on over 20,000 sites


BackupBuddy is plugin shop PluginBuddy’s commercial WordPress backup solution. Just this week it saw a big 2.0 update, after having been released just over a year ago on March 4, 2010. The update brings a number of significant updates to the plugin, including:

  • Built-in help videos,
  • Support for Rackspace Cloud Storage,
  • management of remote Amazon S3, FTP, and Rackspace Cloud backups within the plugin,
  • manual backups will run in the background,
  • quick backups on post/page save, and
  • malware scanning.

Along all the version release fun, PluginBuddy founder Cory Miller shared on Twitter that the BackupBuddy plugin is now active on over 20,000 WordPress sites. Assuming they don’t have a single user with a lot of blogs to back up, it seems BackupBuddy is doing well for them.

Do you use BackupBuddy for your WordPress site’s backups? If not, what do you use and like? Just please don’t comment saying you don’t back your sites up.

16 thoughts on “BackupBuddy sees big update to version 2.0, used on over 20,000 sites

  1. Still waiting for WP Multisite capability. Need to be able to back up individual sites from a multisite install. I concur that BackWPUp does a good job for me at this point.

  2. I have a dev license, and include BackupBuddy on all client sites as part of my service. It’s the best alternative to VaultPress, but if you have the money, there’s something special about VaultPress that really helps me sleep at night. But at 15/month, it has been a deterrent for most clients who see free plugins all over the place. I’m stoked to hear there are quick backups for new pages/posts

  3. I started using BackupBuddy about 2 months ago and I love it. Previously I used the wp db backup plugin, but it suddenly stopped sending the daily emails. Of course at that time I had no idea I wasn’t getting a full and complete backup anyway.

    I need to go and watch the newly added BackupBuddy training videos, thanks for the heads up.

  4. BackupBuddy is the most advanced backup solution for WordPress. I have used it for about a year now and there is no better set it and forget it backup available. Do you have add on features or customizations in non-WordPress directories? BackupBuddy has those covered too. Restore and/or move your WordPress installation is only a few clicks away. With BackupBuddy there is no excuse for data loss.

    The folks at PluginBuddy have thought this application out thoroughly down to the nth degree including access and manipulating backup files on remote storage sites such as Amazon S3. This is the way plugins should be written.

  5. I have a script that does a daily backup of my entire website folder (including full structure), plus my WordPress database tar zipped to Amazon S3. I also do weekly WordPress database backups by email.

  6. I can’t say enough about Backup Buddy and am thrilled to see this 2.0 update with all of the great new features.

    I do have to say, though – of all the features Backup Buddy has, my favorite is still the importbuddy.php script included in it. As a developer, I can set up a client project on a staging site completely as the client wants it – plugins, settings, widgets, content and all… then use the importbuddy.php script to transfer it from my staging site to their live domain in about … oh….3-5 minutes, if that. It not only brings over the files – but painlessly transfers the database, which includes all of the settings so I don’t have to go through the process of setting things up again…it’s a 100%, complete mirror copy.

    When clients ask me the question… “how long will the transfer take?” – – I used to answer, “about 30-60 minutes”. Now I say .. “go make a cup of coffee, it’ll be done when you get back”. It’s cool!

    • Haha yeah I’m with you Lisa!

      The value of BackupBuddy for me is in migration too! Granted, I do love backing up clients sites to S3 as needed but the migration is the massive benefit of this plugin.

      Before Backup Buddy I’d spend about 20 – 30 minutes moving a WP site from staging to live. I’d do an sql dump in phpmyadmin then I’d change the URL’s in WP then save that, get the white screen of death, move the files to live, import the sql dump, change the wp-config.php so it had the new details, install the Search and Replace plugin to change the hardcoded URL’s in WP then all would be done.

      Backup Buddy does all of that for me just by uploading a zip and a php to the new URL then following a wizard. IT’s done in less than 5 minutes. I lllloovvvee the plugin!

      Oh and I didn’t mention that it does all that for multisite and BuddyPress sites too!!!

      If you get wind of this Corey then feel free to sponsor/support a WordPress Brisbane Meetup, WordPress Sydney Meetup or WordCamp Gold Coast (currently in progress) in Oz. I’m dying to show off how freaking seamless the migration is to the masses 🙂

  7. Can’t say enough about my Buddy BACKUP BUDDY 2.0 by Ithemes.

    Love the migration, love the backUp, love the process…

    I am in love 🙂

    You Guys ROCK at IThemes … Dustin Bolton and team…….

  8. WP Multisite Update Needed
    Please tell us when you will release a complete solution for WP Multisite configurations? After doing a clone, I have to go into the database, find all instances of the previous site name, and rename to the current site name. Also, the wp-config.php file is not being updated properly. I have to manually edit it with the new database parameters and the site name. Perhaps this can be fixed soon?

    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘…’);
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘…’);
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘…’);
    define( ‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘…’ );

    It would also be a nice feature if BackupBuddy could provide new AUTH_KEY, etc., values.

    Super Admin Username
    Also, I tried to change the Super Admin User Name in the database, which seems to work on a hand-built site. However, when attempted on a site built with BackupBuddy, the changes did not work as expected. Is BackupBuddy doing something unexpected to the database tables?

    Table Prefix
    Perhpas you could also allow us to modify the Table Prefix during the install of the new site.

    Tag Line
    Why did you remove the Tag Line entry during final step of the install?

  9. @California Jerry:

    Well put!

    I keep changing my mind whether I want to bite the bullet and pick up a dev version of BackUpBuddy…but with no multisite support I keep taling myself out of it.

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