BackupBuddy Multisite add-on in beta, network to single export not yet in the cards


The folks at PluginBuddy have released an add-on to their WordPress backup plugin BackupBuddy called BackupBuddy Multisite. The new addition to BackupBuddy will allow for migrations from a standalone WordPress site over to an established Multisite installation.

As PluginBuddy’s Ronald Huereca explained, a normal export and import into a Multisite installation won’t bring with it active plugins, theme settings and widgets, necessitating a special tool for an easy site migration.

Check out the video demo of the new add-on just after the jump.

The plugin will currently only help you bring a standalone single WordPress installation into a network, and not the other way around. Huereca explained in the comments of their post why it’s currently a one way process:

I’ve seen the use-case of someone wanting to put a site into a network, but never the opposite. If you have a network of 1000 sites, you wouldn’t ideally want to develop a site on that network, you would want to do it somewhere else.

As far as the reverse, pulling a site out of the network… Keep in mind that a single site in a network is not a full WordPress install. It’s only several database tables and shares the themes/plugins/global settings with the network of sites.

Pulling this individual site out of a network and piece-mailing a WordPress installation out of it (along with appropriate wp-config and htaccess rules) would be a tremendous undertaking that we’re not prepared to take at this time.

Have you given the BackupBuddy Multisite beta a try yet? What method do you use when you move a site from a standalone into a Multisite network?

5 thoughts on “BackupBuddy Multisite add-on in beta, network to single export not yet in the cards

  1. I tested it thoroughly yesterday on 3 large live sites, and the moves which used to take me at least an hour from single sites to MS before are now done within 3 minutes. This is all I did:

    1 : Make full backup on old single site using BackupBuddy.
    2 : FTP the backup file into the new MultiSite root folder. [this may take time depending on how big your backup is]
    3 : Go to BackupBuddy MS on the new MultiSite.
    4 : Click “Migrate.” That’s literally the only thing to do.
    5 : BackupBuddy MS will automatically give you the option to choose any backup you wish from the root folder. Click next.
    6 : It imports everything from settings to plugins and themes, and activates and sets the appropriate permissions.
    7 : Done!

    I didn’t even have to log into the new site to change or modify any settings. Everything works perfectly and entire sites moved within 3 minutes [each].

    WPMS to WPMS sounds like a great idea too; will test it or have it added as a feature request.

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