BackupBuddy celebrates 50,000 licenses with an iPad contest


The popular backup plugin BackupBuddy is closing in on its 50,000th license and — no surprise — the people at PluginBuddy couldn’t be happier. To celebrate this achievement they’re giving away an iPad. To win all you have to do is be the 50,000th license holder.

To make this easier for everyone they’re holding a little sale. If you want to try to get your hands on the iPad, or just want a deal on BackupBuddy, the code BBGOLD will give you 50% off BackupBuddy between Tuesday, November 8 at noon and Wednesday, November 9 at noon (that’s Central). That’s a 24 hour window to grab BackupBuddy at a steep discount, so get moving if you’re interested.

It looks like around 1,000 more licenses were needed to reach 50k just 14 hours ago. Anyone going after a discounted BackupBuddy and that coveted 50,000 spot?

8 thoughts on “BackupBuddy celebrates 50,000 licenses with an iPad contest

  1. Congrats to PluginBuddy on their success with selling so many licenses, but this contest is probably illegal, at least in the USA. There’s a law that requires contests to be “No Purchased Necessary” otherwise they can be considered a form of gambling and only the state is allows to legally run a gambling operation a.k.a. the lottery. Of course IANAL but I’m 99% sure the BackupBuddy iPad contest is illegal, see: for my comments on when RackSpace tried a similar idea.

  2. I’m not a lawyer, so please don’t consider this legal advice (however, I talked about this with one).

    Requiring a purchase constitutes an illegal lottery. Obviously it would be ideal that a purchase would be required.

    To get over this legal hump, require a no-purchase way for someone to enter. This can be as easy as setting up a snail mail address that someone can mail an entry in. Toss the 50,000th license holder into the mix of entrants an draw randomly.

  3. wow very impressive, even if you guys only sold the 2 site license thats over $3.7 million in sales.

    you guys should be proud ;)

    • Chris, we could only wish but no. :) BackupBuddy has been a stellar product for us … and more importantly those in our customer community who use it to easily backup and move their ENTIRE WordPress sites (themes, plugins, settings, etc – something we hadn’t seen done in WP almost two years ago when it rolled out).

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