Automattic’s WordPress Publisher Blog


Automattic has just released the WordPress Publisher Blog, a new blog “aimed at helping publishers get the most out of WordPress.” Various members of the Automattic team will be covering “features that are often overlooked”, “highlight plugins that extend WordPress functionality”, and “showcase interesting sites being built with WordPress.”

Well, what’s Automattic? Automattic is “a startup from a handful of people passionate about making the web a better place.” They’re a bunch of cool peeps who’ve worked on projects such as WordPress, bbPress, Askimet, Gravatar, and some sweet plugins.

There’s not much going on over at the blog yet, but if there are any interesting articles published over there, I’ll make sure to let you all know!

5 thoughts on “Automattic’s WordPress Publisher Blog

  1. @Pasquale – Yeah, let’s hope they post some good stuff and keep it updated!

    @yay! monday! – Definitely. I’m *sniff sniff* so proud of them!

    @Thassius: Good observation. Better late than never though.

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