Automattic releases Jetpack 2.0: Publicize, post by email, infinite scroll and “photon”


This morning Automattic released version 2.0 of their Jetpack plugin. This, the tenth release of the plugin, includes four new features: publicize, post by email, infinite scroll, and photon.

The first few features will sound somewhat familiar if you’ve used in the past. Publicize allows you to post to various social platforms when you publish, post by email lets you, well, post by email, and infinite scroll will automatically load your posts as visitors scroll down your page instead of requiring they click to view the next set of posts.

The Jetpack plugin has been downloaded over three million times since its release.

Photon, as explained by the Jetpack feature square, “give[s] your site a boost by loading images from the content delivery network.” In short, this gives every Jetpack user access to the CDN for their images. This also, though, gives theme and plugin developers access to the Photon API to transform images using GET query arguments and relying on servers to render them.

Matt Mullenweg also explained that this new release isn’t just about shiny new things — a number of bugs have been resolved as well. After a brief test of the plugin, it seems that aside from the new features Jetpack should be pretty much the same interface and experience you’re already used to.

Do any of these new features sound interesting to you, as a new Jetpack user or otherwise? Which new feature are you most excited about?

7 thoughts on “Automattic releases Jetpack 2.0: Publicize, post by email, infinite scroll and “photon”

  1. Hi Ryan.
    I have a self-hosted WP blog, Jetpack connected. I’ve activated Photon, but nothing happens. The images continue to be uploaded to my wp-content.
    Do you have any info on that?

    • On the front end of your site, have you tried viewing the image URLs? The files will still be stored on your own host, but mirrored and served up from

  2. Working locally is still impossible before moving into production. I understand that some of the modules need to connect to, but not all of them.

    For example, I really don’t think I need to verify a account for infinite scrolling, carousel, or sharing.

  3. I tried activating the Photon feature in Jetpack, and it ended up breaking the code for several of my images. I tried viewing the urls for them and this was the result: – Produced an error “We cannot complete this request, remote data was invalid”

    The other url – – worked fine.

    I’m not entirely sure why it did it, but I probably won;t be using the feature, though it’d be nice to have for page speed.

  4. Jetpack is definitely the leading plugin activated among sites, regardless of category. I’m glad to see Automattic develop it further and bring key features to self-hosted sites. I would love to see a better analytics play like what we’re doing at PressTrends – – but I guess it will come in time.

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