Automattic launches Enterprise: $500/month for unlimited bandwidth

7 Comments VIP screenshot Enterprise, announced on the VIP blog, combines the two aspects of hosting that we’re familiar with: the paid upgrades of with the vetted plugin selection (70 count) and support of VIP. Enterprise is now available for $500 per site per month.

To put that $500 per month in perspective, upgrades (domain name, space upgrade, custom design, etc.) comes it at $99/year and VIP starts at $3,750/month. Enterprise, like upgrades, will cover just one site at a time, while VIP will cover up to five websites.

The Enterprise option does limit users to 70 approved plugins, so full control of sites shouldn’t be expected.

Credit: VIP

Credit: VIPThe special dashboard available to Enterprise customers.

On his blog, Matt Mullenweg said he thinks Enterprise fills a gap between Pro and VIP:

You get 90% of the benefit of VIP — scalability, security, upgrades, 70+ audited plugins, full Javascript access — for 10% of the cost, or about $500 a month. I think Enterprise is a perfect fit for many higher-end and business sites. Full speed ahead, number one.

Ranaan Bar-Cohen said the new service has seen success with their beta customers, which include Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Chef and ESPN’s Digital and Print Products.

Initial reactions

This new offering edges closer to more economical hosting options from dedicated WordPress hosting companies. In the beginning of Bar-Cohen’s announcement he said: “As the saying used to go: fast, cheap, good — pick two. Now you can pick three.

It’s a lofty proposition. Only time will tell whether he’s right.

What is your first reaction to Enterprise? Would this work for you or any of your clients?

7 thoughts on “Automattic launches Enterprise: $500/month for unlimited bandwidth

  1. Hard to believe that for $500 a month you can’t upload your own theme. You can customise the CSS in a standard one, but if you have any custom functions running, you’re out of luck. Sad!

  2. Doesn’t seem like a good deal to me lol

    For $500/month you can get an extremely beefy dedicated server and put whatever you want on it.

  3. Wow, a bit ridiculous pricing for losing all that control over your own website and its looks and features. I would say stick to dedicated hosting if you need the power and uptime, and go with a host that has a lot of WordPress expertise. I stick with for all of it. Very good prices and stability, and help with wordpress issues all the time, just ‘caus!

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