Automattic is working to make the transition from to .org easier


Jeff Chandler interviewed Lance Willett, an Automattic Theme Wrangler, on his WordPress Weekly podcast last Saturday. During the interview, he asked Lance if customers that buy premium themes could transfer ownership of those themes to self hosted installations of WordPress. While Lance didn’t have an answer to that question at the time, he did share something we found very interesting. Automattic is working behind the scenes to make the transition from to self hosted WordPress installations easier.

Lance told Jeff, “We want to encourage people to do the migration, we’re actually working on a way to make that easier for people.”

At first glance it seems like a strange business move, right? Why would Automattic want to encourage bloggers to quit and move to self hosted installations, where Automattic doesn’t have the same potential for monetary gain?

Well, people are going to migrate no matter what. It is really a natural progression to want to move to a self-hosted WordPress install as your needs change and Automattic’s fantastic product meets its limitations. Right now, moving from to is pretty much the same as moving from any other blogging platform to

So it makes sense for Automattic to make the transition simpler so that the WordPress customer (something more than simply an Automattic customer) stays satisfied.

In the interview, Lance said that they’ve been working with preferred hosts behind the scenes “to figure out how we could get all of our themes bundled with them so that if you were to move, it would essentially be seamlesss. You would get the same theme and maybe even all your widgets and everything.”

He said it probably wouldn’t be a one-click sort of transition, but it would hopefully be much simpler than it is right now. And of course, you know that if hosting companies are involved, there is likely something there monetarily for Automattic too.

So what do you think? Is this a smart move by Automattic? Is it a good opportunity for new revenue?

If you want to listen to that part of the conversation, it starts around minute 53. Also, stay tuned to WP Weekly, as it seems Jeff has put the podcast and WPTavern back into gear. You may also like to check out our interview of Lance from last week as well.

7 thoughts on “Automattic is working to make the transition from to .org easier

  1. Sounds like a VaultPress integration into to me. VaultPress is already supposed to make it very easy to migrate your site, so if they tied it into, then theoretically it would be only a couple clicks to move your site to your own hosting.

    Of course, that would then get users paying for VaultPress from the first day they move their site. Sounds like a good plan for Automattic, revenue-wise anyhow!

    • Excellent point. Not every decision is a business decision, but it’s easy to see how making it easier to move from .com to .org, rather a system put in place by Automattic to do so, will likely result in the perfect crowd to sell VaultPress subscriptions to. That’s assuming they aren’t just going to make VaultPress the system to allow the move in the first place. Time will tell.

    • Good point Matthew.

      As far as I’m aware though, VaultPress doesn’t (yet) support WordPress Multisite, which is what runs off.

      Although it would make sense for them to use as a guinea pig when making sure VaultPress works with multisite.

      Personally I am really interested to see how VaultPress will work with multisite. Whether it will back up your individual blog (site) or the whole multisite install.


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