Automattic and Federated Media show users the money (well, the ads)

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In an agreement announced at the Web 2.0 Summit in October, Automattic and Federated Media Publishing have made a deal to bring advertising rights to US users. No specific details about revenue sharing or ad appearance have been released yet.

This is a pretty big step forward toward more full monetizing publishing. In case you’re not familiar with’s advertising rules, in the past free users were unable to place ads and generate revenue from them unless their traffic was high enough. This new deal will give bloggers the ability to opt in, no matter their traffic levels. No further details have been released yet.

What are your thoughts about this deal? Would having the option to advertise ever entice you to try out more than you do?

One thought on “Automattic and Federated Media show users the money (well, the ads)

  1. I think having the ability to customize the theme for free and run plugins would make it more enticing.

    If I want advertising, I have ways to put it on my site, so I wouldn’t need the FM+WP relationship.

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