Run! Automattic is heading up a worldwide 5k this week


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When I see the term “5K” I would rather it be about money. But alas, Automattic wants to inspire us all to be healthy. They are calling all Automatticians and WordPress users alike to do a worldwide 5 kilometer run, trot, skip, pogostick, something (in non-motorized fashion, at least) this week.

The official day for the Automattic 5k is this Sunday, April 10th. But they’ll take what they can get. After all, it can get tough to organize 80 people across the globe — not to mention the other 30 odd-million of us other yahoos — to do anything, much less excercise.

So instead of playing Halo or World of Warcraft, quilting, drinking oodles of beer, or just snoring PHP like you normally do, think about getting out and moving your body, in some fassion, about 3.1 good ‘ole American miles. Anytime. This week.

And please pester me to do the same.

Do tell, how will you be completing your 5k?

13 thoughts on “Run! Automattic is heading up a worldwide 5k this week

  1. Well I did start cycling again towards the end of February in preparation for a 22 mile cycle I was taking part in, so I think I’ll just jump on the bike again and go for a cycle, that’ll do the trick! So if I’m doing it, you’re doing it too Brian, no excuses! 😀

  2. I read about Automattic 5K last week on
    What caught my attention? that shoe pic on
    I wonder Automattic producing shoes for this special event.

  3. I’ll see your 5k and raise you 5k.
    I will be doing the Great Ireland Run 10k on Sunday afternoon. I am hoping to break 40mins again, though I may not have put enough training in, and I am getting older – I am now 40. It’s my first race since breaking that barrier.

  4. Bah… I’m totally unable to run thanks to my franken-hip/pelvis which got destroyed in a motorcycle accident. I’m still trying to get the walking thing down good….. I’ll try for a 5k walk! ….I can’t wait for the warmer weather, so I can hop back on my bike (peddle variety, NOT motor) I’m able to do that, was up to 12 miles a day til the ice hit

  5. I think I’ll jump on this bandwagon. Give me some excuse to get off my butt!!! I think I’ll accomplish that with a visit to the gym…I’ll do it on the bike and then the treadmill. That should get me to 5k!

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