Armchair WordCampers: Watch these three camps happen this weekend


WordCamps are happening at an ever-greater speed; Matt’s State of the Word mentioned that around 30 WordCamps are scheduled to happen yet this year. Wow. The event craziness is definitely happening this weekend, with WordCamp Grand Rapids, WordCamp Montreal, and WordCamp Portland all taking place right now.

If you’re at home — or at the very least not cloned and therefore not at all three events — then use the information below to follow these current WordCamps in whatever ways you can.

  • The Twitter hashtag for WordCamp Grand Rapids this weekend is #wcgr. There isn’t a live stream or anything, but you can follow the WPCandy liveblog of the event since I’ll be in Grand Rapids all weekend.
  • WordCamp Montreal will be using the #wcmtl hashtag on Twitter.
  • WordCamp Portland is using the #wcpdx Twitter hashtag. Keep an eye on that one around 1pm Portland time, since Matt Mullenweg will be there doing a town hall event.

If you’re going to be at any of the events above, or just pay really good attention and see anything worth drawing attention to, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Armchair WordCampers: Watch these three camps happen this weekend

  1. Looks like WordCamp PDX will be available via livestream according this email I received from the organizers:

    “All of the day’s sessions will be livestreamed. For free. We’ll have details up on the site Saturday morning, so feel free to share the livestream with out-of-town friends.”

    I just “attended” WordCamp SF via live stream. The ticket was $10. It is on my wish list that more WordCamps would follow that model. It was so great to be watching from PDX!

    • WordCamp UK are looking at doing a live stream for next year. Not sure how many streams they’ll do as it’s a 2 day event (Saturday & Sunday) spread over multiple rooms – this year there were 3 rooms with talks taking place in each of them, plus the Happiness Bar where people could go for hands-on help.

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