AppThemes hires Cristi Burca (aka scribu) and Tyler Carter to their team


AppThemes announced this morning that they have hired Cristi Burca (more commonly known as scribu within the WordPress community) and a developer named Tyler Carter.

Burca is well known in the WordPress community, both for his contributions to WordPress core as well as his slew of released plugins. Carter is not as well known as Burca, but caught AppThemes’ collective eye due to his activity on Stack Overflow.

It was only a few weeks ago that AppThemes hired Pete Mall, another WordPress core contributor, to their team. Regarding their hiring strategy AppThemes’ Shannon Dunn said:

Developers are the life-blood of any tech company. It’s no secret that developers make what we do possible. They create great things, fix bugs and make magic happen. They are our modern day wizards and the grand architects of the new technology age.

At AppThemes, we believe that having a team of great developers is essential to accomplishing our goal.

AppThemes cites core contribution and community involvement as major reasons for hiring Burca and Carter. Have you found yourself motivated to contribute more to WordPress and other projects in order to raise your visibility and worth as a developer/designer/whatever?

3 thoughts on “AppThemes hires Cristi Burca (aka scribu) and Tyler Carter to their team

  1. I see AppThemes approach as being more and more common in the hiring practices of companies that deal with marketplaces such as those focused on WordPress.

    I also admit to one of the reasons I contribute back to the WordPress community is for the added benefit of the recognition by potential employers and clients.

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admitting that, either. It’s the smart thing to do. If you want to be noticed in a market like this, contribute to an open source project. It’s smart, cost-effective, and it works.

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