AppThemes hires WordPress core contributor Pete Mall


AppThemes has announced that they have hired WordPress core contributor Pete Mall to their team as a developer. Shannon Dunn, AppThemes’ Creative Director explained how he sees hiring Mall as an important part of one of his larger goals at AppThemes:

Since joining AppThemes, it has been my highest priority to increase production resources. With more developers on staff, I knew we would be able to develop new products faster and release updates to existing products more consistently…

Pete will be a major force in future AppThemes products. He and Dave have already had discussions on how to make AppThemes products better and more powerful. You will be able to see some of the results of Pete’s influence right away.

Mall is a core contributor to both the WordPress and bbPress projects. He is also a regular speaker at WordCamps and other conferences, and (of course) blogs and tweets. Last we heard Mall was CubicTwo’s CTO, and looks to still be listed on their about page.

AppThemes has also hired Renato Rezende from their community as a Support Expert and two other unnamed developers, one of which is another core contributor to WordPress.

It seems that something about being a WordPress core contributor tends to get people hired, likely due to the experience and increased understanding of how WordPress works that core contribution brings. Are you contributing to WordPress core yet? Have you considered doing so in order to increase your value as a contractor or employee?

2 thoughts on “AppThemes hires WordPress core contributor Pete Mall

  1. Awesome news! Now maybe Pete can get on them about finally releasing Vantage. I know I am not the only one who has been waiting for that theme.

  2. We’re excited to have Pete on board. He brings some amazing talent to the team and will help take us to the next level. Pete’s already been tasked with taking on Vantage so expect some great stuff to come.

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