Andrew Nacin, WordPress core developer, now working for Mullenweg’s Audrey Capital


Andrew Nacin, WordPress core developer and member of the commit team, announced on his blog this week that he has begun working full time for Audrey Capital, Matt Mullenweg’s investment and research firm.

Nacin talked specifically about why he preferred to take a position at Audrey Capital rather than Automattic:

The day I accepted an offer to work at Audrey was coincidentally the day that it was jokingly suggested on Twitter there should be a betting pool for the date I become an Automattic employee. Automattic is an amazing place to work, without question. But I want my role to be about the community, and I’m not sure getting my fix there working on other projects would truly allow for that.

Nacin was welcomed onto the WordPress core commit team, a small group of people given the authority to commit changes to WordPress core, back in February. He now joins Otto Wood, another prominent WordPress developer, as a “Tech Ninja” at Audrey Capital.

Mullenweg describes Audrey Capital on their minimalist website this way:

Audrey Capital is my entity for investment and research. Although my full-time focus is Automattic, I enjoy helping out companies that fit well into the realm of my experience through advising and angel investment. I often co-invest with True and Polaris. I have also assembled a small team to assist with research and development of personal projects, including contributing to

You can follow Nacin on Twitter at @nacin.

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