6 thoughts on “Example of contextual help active in a theme

  1. I think it’s too much. At least for me, when I’m looking for help, I love finding it in the contextual help tab, but I like to find the help I need, not a huge amount of other information to wade through. Simple and concise is better in my opinion.

    • Oh, that’s there – just in a separate tab. And, the help tabs for the settings are at the top, where they will be found the easiest. Nobody would ever see the information in this tab unless they specifically clicked “Support” – and for people who need support, all the information there is useful – even if not laid out the best in the screen shot.

  2. I think it’s a tad overboard to have the help tab take up the whole screen and have multiple columns of information and graphics in it. Simpler and more concise help information would be better.

  3. So, I should give a little background: that support screen is a tab on the “Oenology Reference” admin page as of version 2.4 of the Theme. The above screenshot is basically that same content, ported to a contextual help tab. Otto is completely right about the responsiveness (and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of hard-coding admin layout – even if it does look pretty good in its current, Oenology 2.4 iteration).

    So, I revised the tab, to take out all of the pseudo-Widget-looking formatting:

    I think Otto and I will have to agree to disagree on the amount of information on the tab. 🙂 I think everything there is useful, even if it requires scrolling.

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