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How do you get a piece of a pie which lots of people are after? You’ve got to fight for it! Sometimes though, a little bit of madness goes a long way too.

Well, that’s what’s happened over at Alpha Blog Designs. We’ve gone nuts!!

Over the next few of weeks, we’re going to be proving to the WordPress blogging community, the awesome benefit of having talented designers, who are, quite literally, mad!

Madness #1 – A Custom WordPress Design Competition

Don’t you just hate those competitions where you have to write a post about the competition in order to enter? I know I do. You’ve got high quality, niche content, and a post written just for the sake of it really isn’t much good to your readers.

We’re giving away to one lucky person, the opportunity to have a custom blog design from us, for absolutely free.

This will be a design with no limitations (at least, there’s none I can think of). You want grunge style? You got it! Retro, minimal, shiny web 2.0, magazine style, or a mixture of the above? No problem! We’ll be working with you to provide exactly what you want, create it around a suitable grid, and then when you’re happy, we’ll code it in a ‘Google friendly’ way, with valid CSS/XHTML to WordPress.

What you have to do – just simply mention in a future post, the competition we’re running, and link to the competition post. It could simply be a sentence at the end of your next post, which says:

“Also, Alpha Blog Designs are running a competition for a free custom blog design, which I really hope I win.”

It’s that easy. The closing date for the competition is Monday, March 31st. Then, to make it interesting, every legitimate entry will be placed in for voting, and visitors will vote for which blog they’d like us to redesign.

So, you blog owners desperate for an awesome design, get entering!

Madness #2 – A Premium Theme

Thinking of buying a ‘premium theme’? You might want to hold off for a little while. We’re planning on releasing a premium theme which will be absolutely stunning! Seriously! Packed with features, on a beautiful refined grid design, with much thought given to white-space, typography, and practical effectiveness. We’re already well on with the design in Photoshop, and I get excited just looking at it!!

It’ll also have an option for affiliates to make a healthy percentage from each sale, so for you resellers, make sure you don’t miss out on sales during the hype when it’s eventually released.

Madness #3 – A Free WordPress Theme

Yes, we are trying to make you love us! We’re almost finished the free theme we’ll be releasing, and like all our work, it’s awesome. Ok, so you might not believe me yet, but you will when you see it.

We know there are some of you just starting out at blogging, and you can’t afford a custom or premium theme, but we don’t think it’s right that your site should look ugly. So, we’re providing an absolutely free theme, which we know most of you will love. It’ll include optional rotating headers, Adsense integration, author comment highlighting, split comments and trackbacks, and more.

Make sure you don’t miss out!

I want to really thank Michael, for giving me this opportunity to let you all know about the madness which is occurring over on our site. To stay informed of all the madness, please subscribe to our feed.

This was a guest post by Armen Thomassian.

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