Allure Themes plans a theme each week for seven weeks


It seems everyone is taking on crazy challenges this week. Lisa Sabin-Wilson has committed herself to adding one new theme to Allure Themes each Friday from now until the end of October. This will add seven new themes to Allure’s collection, nearly doubling the total number of themes she offers there.

At the end of October Allure Themes will have officially been open for six months, though Sabin-Wilson recognizes that the time since launch has been a bit rocky. For a while she had to devote her attention to family issues which is why she is now playing catchup with this theme-a-week challenge.

In addition to this challenge, the next edition of Sabin-Wilson’s book WordPress for Dummies will come with five free themes especially chosen for inclusion with the book, as well as an additional three downloadable chapters. You can read more about the deal on her blog.

Have you ever committed to a challenge like this one? How many themes could you develop in a month or two?

4 thoughts on “Allure Themes plans a theme each week for seven weeks

  1. Hi Ryan,

    ColorLabs managed to come out with one new theme each week back on August. We passed the 1st week of Sept deliberately since it was Eid holiday season here in Indonesia. But after that, we released one new theme each on the 2nd and 3rd week. If everything goes well, we’ll release another one next week since we already have one working in the pipeline.

    So I believe Lisa’s challenge is achievable . As long as she planned ahead on the design stage and have a solid dev team, like we have here at ColorLabs, she is very likely to succeed.

    I wish her and Allure good luck!

  2. I have no doubt my team at 8BIT could crank out a theme a week, but it’s not likely. It goes against our culture. We are all about thorough, quality themes. We have no interest in being in the quantity game.

    Heck, it takes more than a week to get the product site done for one of our themes! Let alone the theme itself! We send our themes through multiple dev and QA cycles. Our quality guy, Michael, would Reach through the Internet and throttle me if I tried to challenge his QA time… And he works for me!

    I’m not trying to throw punches at Allure or ColorLabs. Please don’t see this as mudslinging. I love the WordPrss community and I get inspiration from so many of our “competitors.” It’s hard not to when so many theme shops are killing it these days.

    I just wanted to explain why this sort of thing isn’t for us.

    • Haha Lisa, yeah, I can only imagine!

      For me, personal restraint would be key. It would difficult for me to have several themes that close to launch without just focusing fire on the most complete and pushing it over the finish line!

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