Alex King releases post formats UI plugin


Post Format PluginAlex King and the team over at Crowd Favorite have released a new plugin with a different take on post formats. The plugin adds a layer of tabs to the post page, and each format has its own unique layout and custom fields to be filled out. You can view the blog post or grab the code directly on GitHub.

Post types are a relatively new feature. Up until now they have been relegated to a simple list of radio buttons in the sidebar. Perhaps this is the first step in post formats becoming a more integral part of the WordPress experience. The question has been posed elsewhere: is anyone else thinking it might be a good candidate for core integration?

7 thoughts on “Alex King releases post formats UI plugin

  1. Yes !! Finally !!
    Ever since post format came out, I looked around, searched around how to use it. I’m no dev, consequently, the php is all giberish for me 🙁
    Seen a lot of themes integrating post format but couldn’t figure it out, finally something for the rest of us 😀

  2. This absolutely looks like a better eay of doing things! I’ve long been a fan of post formats and this could well be a better way of moving them into the WP mainstream 🙂

  3. I spotted this last week and thought how good it looked, but in answer to your question Daniel, yes I think it should somehow become part of WordPress. I’d like to think it’ll come in time, if I’m right in thinking, didn’t Matt Mullenweg want to see something like this when Post Formats was announced? 🙂

    So with a good working prototype, like this, who knows what might happen! …

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  5. This may be just the incentive needed to further push post formats into WordPress core … and what better way to crowd source potential ideals than to let the WordPress community at large build and test them without delegating core dev resources to the project itself.

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